Eco friendly handmade coconut bowl with customized logo

  • Sustainability: Made from discarded coconut shells, coconut bowls promote sustainability by utilizing a renewable resource.

  • Eco-friendly: Coconut bowls are biodegradable, chemical-free, and have a minimal environmental impact.

  • Unique and Aesthetic: With natural textures and patterns, coconut bowls add a rustic and tropical charm to your dining experience.

  • Versatile: Coconut bowls can be used for serving various foods, as decorative items, or for crafts.

  • Lightweight and Durable: Despite being lightweight, coconut bowls are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for outdoor activities and travel.



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Welcome to our coconut bowl collection! Crafted from real coconut shells, our bowls are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your kitchen and dining needs. Each bowl is meticulously handcrafted, retaining the natural texture and charm of the coconut shell. Versatile and durable, these bowls are perfect for serving smoothie bowls, salads, soups, and more. Embrace the rustic beauty of nature with our coconut bowls, which not only add a touch of exotic elegance to your table but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. Experience the joy of eating from nature’s bounty with our authentic and environmentally conscious coconut bowls.


Essential details

  Brand Name:MPL VietnamDesign Style:Vintage
  Product name:Coconut bowlColor:Natural Color
  Dinnerware Type:BowlsCapacity:500ml
  Material:Coconut shellLogo:Customized Logo Acceptable
  Occasion:All occasionApplication:Home Daily
  Feature:SustainableSample:Free sample
Usage:Home DailyMOQ100 PCS
Packing:Customized PackingModel Number:CB001

Supply Ability

Coconut bowls are packed into standard carton boxes with bubble bags and eco-friendly material to avoid being broken. Customized packing is accepted.


Cat Lai seaport, Ho Chi Minh city

Lead time as FOB term

Quantity (pieces) 1 – 10000> 10000
Lead time (days) 10 days  To be negotiated

Product Description

Coconut bowl 46
  • Each coconut bowl is meticulously crafted from real coconuts, carefully selected for their size and quality. Our artisans utilize traditional techniques to transform these natural wonders into unique and stunning pieces.
  • The result is a one-of-a-kind coconut bowl that showcases the natural variations in color and texture, making each piece truly unique. These bowls serve as a beautiful reminder of the tropical origins from which they come.
  • Perfect for enjoying your favorite meals, snacks, or even as a decorative piece, our handmade coconut bowls are not only visually appealing but also eco-friendly.

Remarkable features

  1. Eco-friendly: Coconut bowls in Vietnam are made from discarded coconut shells, which are a renewable resource and contribute to reducing waste. By choosing coconut bowls, you actively participate in sustainable practices and help protect the environment.
  2. Unique and Natural: Each coconut bowl is one-of-a-kind, showcasing the natural textures and patterns of the coconut shell. The rustic charm and unique appearance add an exotic touch to your dining experience, making each meal a visually appealing and memorable event.
  3. Versatile: Coconut bowls are versatile in their usage. They can be used for serving a variety of dishes, including smoothie bowls, salads, Buddha bowls, desserts, and more. The bowls are also microwave-safe, making them convenient for heating up your favorite meals.
  4. Durable and Long-lasting: Despite their delicate appearance, coconut bowls are surprisingly sturdy and long-lasting. They are resistant to scratches and cracks, ensuring that you can enjoy your coconut bowl for years to come.
  5. Social Impact: By purchasing coconut bowls in Vietnam, you support local artisans and communities involved in the production process. These bowls are often handmade by skilled craftsmen, helping to preserve traditional craftsmanship and provide livelihoods for local communities.


File design 1
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm

MPL Vietnam

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    I have bought 500 pcs, which is fantastic.

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      Thank you very much.

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