In the year 2016, Vietnam gained recognition as a leading provider of high-quality and competitively priced floor decking tiles. However, at that time, the available floor decking tiles were limited to basic varieties, while the global market demanded a more diverse range of designs. Recognizing the significance of controlling output quality and expanding product diversity, we established the MPL Vietnam factory.

Taking advantage of the proximity to high-quality and cost-effective wood raw materials, we are increasingly researching a broader range of products to cater to the global market. Our core priorities revolve around delivering the highest quality goods at competitive prices, coupled with the most enthusiastic customer support.

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With a dedicated emphasis on export and fostering B2B collaborations, our mission was to establish a bridge between Vietnam’s skilled craftsmanship and global markets. Our goal was to exhibit the exquisite beauty of handcrafted pieces on a global stage, concurrently advocating for sustainable practices and environmental consciousness.

Far beyond being merely a factory, we have evolved into a focal point for creativity, innovation, and collaboration, unlocking doors to newfound opportunities that extend far beyond local communities.

Witnessing an increasing number of customers embracing our eco-friendly products, we are elated to observe the positive impact on both the community and the environment. Together, let us persist on this journey towards a future that is not only sustainable but also filled with love.


Started constructing a factory for manufacturing wooden floor mats and various wood products used for home decoration


Focused on exporting products from the factory to more than 25 countries worldwide.


Expanded the domestic market through the F2C (Factory to Consumer) model.


Buying shares of Home Decor & Nam Phuong company to diversify our product range.